Connecting Theory and Application of Optoelectronic Devices  
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Sept. 6 - 9, 2010

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Novel Devices
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Registration Desk opens 12:00

13:00-15:00 Short Course 1

SC1 Introduction to Optoelectronic Device Simulation [abstract]
Joachim Piprek, NUSOD Institute, USA

15:30-17:30 Short Course 2

SC2 Semiconductor Laser Instabilities and Dynamics [abstract]
Uwe Bandelow, WIAS Berlin, Germany

17:30-19:00 Poster Session (Session Chair: Ben Klein, Georgia Tech, USA)

MP1 Simulation for light power distribution of 3D InGaN/GaN MQW LED with textured surface ; L. W. Cheng(1), Y. Sheng(2), C. S. Xia(2), W. Lu(1), M. Lestrade (3), and Z. M. Simon Li(3); (1) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) Crosslight Software China, China; (3) Crosslight Software Inc., Canada

MP2 Thermal Optimization of High Power LED Arrays with a Fin Cooling System ; Sun Ho Jang and Moo Whan Shin ; Myong Ji University, Korea

MP3 Study on the Thermal Characteristics of GaN-based Laser Diodes ; Jong Hwa Choi and Moo Whan Shin ; Myong Ji University, Korea

MP6 Modeling of Vertical External Cavity Semiconductor Laser with MQW Resonant Structure ; A. Napartovich, N. Elkin, D. Vysotsky ; SRC RF TRINITI, Troitsk, Russia

MP7 High-Speed Nanoscale Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors with Terahertz Bandwidth ; Z. Marks and B. Van Zeghbroeck ; University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

MP8 Effects of Polarization Charge in GaN-based Blue Laser Diodes ; L. W. Cheng (1), Y. Sheng (2), C. S. Xia (2), W. Lu (1), M. Lestrade (3), Z. Q. Li (3), and Z. M. Simon Li (3) ; (1) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) Crosslight Software China, China; (3) Crosslight Software Inc., Canada

MP11 Numerical Analysis of Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes With Improved Structure ; W. J. Wang, L. Lin, T. X. Li, N. Li, W. D. Hu, W. Lu, X. S. Chen ; Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

MP13 Performance Evaluation of GRIN Lenses by Ray Tracing Method ; Shuhei Yoshida, Shuma Horiuchi, Zenta Ushiyama, and Manabu Yamamoto ; Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:10 Novel Materials (Session Chair: Alexander Carmele, Technical University Berlin, Germany)

TuA1 A Full-Band Monte Carlo Study of Gain, Bandwidth and Noise of GaN Avalanche Photodiodes ; M. Moresco (1), F. Bertazzi (1),(2) and E. Bellotti (1) ; (1) Boston University, USA; (2) Politecnico di Torino, Italy (nominated for NUSOD Best Student Paper Award)

TuA2 Numerical Simulation of ZnO-based LEDs ; S. Chiaria (1)(2), M. Penna (2), M. Goano (2), E. Bellotti (1) ; (1) Boston University, USA; (2) Politecnico di Torino, Italy

TuA4 Photoresponse simulation of visible blind GaN/AlGaN p-i-n photodiode ; X. D. Wang (1), W. D. Hu (1), X. S. Chen (1), L. Wang (2), X. Y. Li (2), and W. Lu (1) ; (1) National Lab for Infrared Physics, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) State Key Laboratories of Transducer Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

TuA5 Numerical drift-diffusion modeling of organic solar cells in comparison with experimental data series ; W. Tress, M. Furno, K. Leo, and M. Riede ; Technical University Dresden, Germany

TuA6 Numerical Analysis of Steady-State and Transient Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductor Devices ; E. Knapp (1), B. Ruhstaller (1,2) ; (1) Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; (2) Fluxim AG, Switzerland

10:10-10:40 Coffee Break

10:40-12:00 Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (Session Chair: Nicolai Matuschek, Exalos AG, Switzerland)

TuB1 Simple Model for Optical Pulse Propagation in a Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier ; M.J. Connelly and C. O'Riordan ; University of Limerick, Ireland

TuB2 Simulation of SOAs optical bandwidth widening based on selective filtering ; P. Morel (1), M. Guégan (1), A. Sharaiha (1), and P. Chanclou (2) ; (1) RESO Laboratory, France; (2) France Telecom, France

TuB3 Novel Time-domain Model of Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Wideband Optical Signals ; D. Puris, K. Petermann ; Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany

TuB5 Investigation of input pulsewidth, medium loss and gain effect on the output pulse characteristics of semiconductor optical amplifiers ; Seyed Rasoul Hosseini (1), Mohammad Razaghi (1), Narottam Das (2) ; (1) University of Kurdistan, Iran; (2) Edith Cowan University, Australia

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

13:00-14:50 Laser Diodes (Session Chair: Michael Connelly, University of Limerick, Ireland)

TuC1 Self-Consistent Modeling of a Transistor Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser ; Wei Shi (1), Behnam Faraji (1), Mark Greenberg (1), Jesper Berggren (2), Yu Xiang (2), Mattias Hammar (2), and Lukas Chrostowski (1) ; (1) University of British Columbia, Canada; (2) Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (invited)

TuC2 Spatially Resolved Model for Carrier Dynamics in Tunneling Injection Quantum Dot Lasers ; David Gready and Gadi Eisenstein ; Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

TuC3 Analysis of High-Order Surface Etched Gratings for Longitudinal Mode Selection in DFB Lasers ; Kirill Pimenov, Chris Watson, Yury Logvin, Valery Tolstikhin, and Fang Wu ; OneChip Photonics Inc, Canada

TuC4 Lateral Carrier Confinement and Threshold Current Reduction in GaN QW Lasers with Deeply Etched Mesa ; Md. M. Satter and P. D. Yoder ; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

TuC5 The Effect of Facet Reflections in Index-Coupled Distributed Feedback Lasers with Coated Facets ; A. Laakso and M. Dumitrescu ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

14:50-15:20 Coffee Break

15:20-17:30 Nanostructures (Session Chair: Enrico Bellotti, Boston University, USA)

TuD1 Semiconductor Plasmonic Nanolasers ; C. Z. Ning (1), K. Ding (1), H. Wang (1), D.B. Li (1), R.B. Liu (1), M. Hill (2), R. Noetzel (2), M. Smit (2) ; (1) Arizona State University, USA; (2) Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (invited)

TuD2 Electro-Optical Modeling of InP Nanowire Solar Cells: Core-shell vs. Axial Structure ; Shuqing Yu (1), Jan Kupec (2), and Bernd Witzigmann (1) ; (1) University of Kassel, Germany; (2) ETH Zurich, Switzerland (nominated for NUSOD Best Student Paper Award)

TuD3 Multi-species modeling of quantum dot lasers with microscopic treatment of Coulomb scattering ; U. Bandelow (1), T. Koprucki (1), A. Wilms (1) and A. Knorr (2) ; (1) WIAS Berlin, Germany; (2) TU Berlin, Germany

TuD4 Analysis of Wetting Layer Effect on Electronic Structures of Truncated-pyramid Quantum Dots ; Q. J. Zhao(1), T. Mei(2), and D. H. Zhang(1) ; (1)Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; (2)South China Normal University,P. R. China

TuD5 Pseudopotential Study of Electronic and Optical Properties of InAs Semiconductor Nanostructures ; Theerapong Puangmali, Marco Califano, and Paul Harrison ; University of Leeds, UK

TuD6 Characteristics of Quantum Dash Laser under the Rate Equation Model ; Zahed M. Khan, Tien K. Ng and Boon S. Ooi ; King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia

17:30-19:30 Welcome Reception

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:40 Solar Cells (Session Chair: Lukas Chrostowski, University of British Columbia, Canada)

WA1 Modeling large-area solar cells ; Bernard Kippelen, Seungkeun Choi, William J. Potscavage Jr. ; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (invited)

WA2 Trap states limited nanosecond response of organic solar cells ; Nico Christ, Siegfried W. Kettlitz, Simon Züfle, Sebastian Valouch, and Uli Lemmer ; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

WA3 Physics based simulation of Dye solar cells ; M. Auf der Maur, A. Gagliardi, A. Di Carlo ; University of Rome, Italy

WA4 Simulations of photo- carrier decay on heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer (HIT) solar cells with n-type wafers ; A. Kanevce (1,2), J.V. Li (1), R.S. Crandall (1), M.R. Page (1) and E. Iwaniczko (1) ; (1) National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA; (2) Colorado State University, USA

WA5 Numerical Two Dimensional Modeling of Silicon Solar cells with Experiment Validation ; K.Rapolu(1), P. Singh(1), S.P.Shea(2), D.L.Meier(2) ; (1) Villanova University, USA; (2) Suniva Inc., USA

WA6 Modeling of polarization effects in InGaN PIN solar cells ; M. Lestrade, Z.Q. Li, Y.G. Xiao, Z.M. Li ; Crosslight Software, Canada

10:40-11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-12:20 Photonic Devices (Session Chair: Uwe Badelow, Weierstrass Institute Berlin, Germany)

WB1 Novel Resonance-based Silicon Nanophotonic Structures ; M. Soltani, A. H. Atabaki, Q. Li, A. A. Eftekhar, S. Yegnanarayanan, and A. Adibi ; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (invited)

WB2 Electromagnetic Analysis of Polarization and Frequency Selective Tunable Optical MEMS ; U. Akcakoca, R. Marklein, B. Witzigmann, and H. Hillmer ; University of Kassel, Germany

WB3 Wavelength Monitoring using a Thermally Tuned Micro-Ring Resonator ; G. R. Vargas and R. R. Panepucci ; Florida International University, USA

12:20-13:20 Lunch Break

13:20-15:20 Light-Emitting Diodes (Session Chair: Weida Hu, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China)

WC1 Quantum Light Emission From Cavity Enhanced LEDs ; Alexander Carmele, Matthias-Rene Dachner, Janik Wolters, Marten Richter, and Andreas Knorr ; Technical University Berlin, Germany (invited)

WC2 Efficiency Droop in III-nitride LEDs: Overview and Carrier Lifetime Analysis; A. David and M. J. Grundmann; Philips Lumileds, USA (invited)

WC3 Electron Leakage Effects on the Efficiency Droop in GaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes ; Joachim Piprek (1) and Zhan-Ming Li (2) ; (1) NUSOD Institute, Newark, USA; (2) Crosslight Software, Burnaby, Canada

WC4 Physics-Based Simulation of a Core-Multishell Nanowire Light Emitting Diode ; F. Roemer, M. Deppner, and B. Witzigmann ; University of Kassel, Germany

WC5 Influence of polar face on optical properties of staggered 440 nm InGaN/InGaN/GaN quantum-well light-emitting diodes ; S.-H. Park(1), B.-H. Kim(1), D. Ahn(2), and Y.-T. Lee(3) ; (1) Catholic University of Daegu; (2) University of Seoul; (3) Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology; all: Republic of Korea

15:20-15:50 Coffee Break

15:50-17:30 Photodiodes (Session Chair: Friedhard Roemer, University of Kassel, Germany)

WD1 Efficient design and fabrication of CMOS Active Pixel Sensors through modeling and simulation ; K. Minoglou, A. Hameed, P.R. Rao, K. De Munck, C. Van Hoof , P. De Moor ; IMEC, Belgium

WD2 Effects of absorption layer characteristic on spectral photoresponse of mid-wavelength InSb photodiodes ; W. D. Hu (1), X. S. Chen (1), C. Meng (2), Y. Q. Lv (2), and W. Lu (1) ; (1) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) Luoyang Optoelectronic Institute, China

WD3 Numerical analysis of Mid-wavelength InSb Infrared Focal Plane Arrays ; N. Guo (1), W. D. Hu (1), X. S. Chen (1), C. Meng (2), Y. Q. Lv (2), and W. Lu (1) ; (1) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) Luoyang Optoelectronic Institute, China

WD4 Detectivity Simulation of Long-Wavelength Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors ; D. Y. Xiong,  W.Y. Qiu,  Q.C. Weng,  L. Fan ; East China Normal University, China

WD5 The effect of spot size on linearity improvement of tetra-lateral position sensitive detector ; Song Cui, Yeng Chai Soh ; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

18:00-21:00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:00 Novel Devices (Session Chair: Aldo Di Carlo, University of Rome, Italy)

ThA1 Spin Polarized Semiconductor Lasers; P. Bhattacharya, and D. Basu ; University of Michigan, USA (invited)

ThA2 Viscous hydrodynamic model of non-linear plasma oscillations in two-dimensional gated conduction channels and application to the detection of terahertz signals ; S. Rudin ; U.S. Army Research Laboratory, USA

ThA3 Simple Electroabsorption Model for Germanium Quantum Well Devices ; R. K. Schaevitz (1), E. H. Edwards (1), R. M. Audet (1), Y. Rong (1), S. Ren (1), S. A. Claussen (1), E. Tasyurek (1), J. E. Roth (2), J. S. Harris (1), D. A. B. Miller (1) ; (1) Stanford University, USA; (2) Aurrion, LLC, USA

ThA4 Simulation of Geiger Mode Silicon Carbide Avalanche Photodiode ; Qiugui Zhou, Han-Din Liu, Dion McIntosh, Chong Hu and Joe C. Campbell ; University of Virginia, USA

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:20 Photonics & Postdeadline Paper (Session Chair: Pallab Bhattacharya, University of Michigan, USA )

ThB1 Efficient Treatment of Dispersive Electric Permittivity in Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulations of Advanced Photonic Devices ; M. Han (1), Z. Yu (2), and S. Fan (2) ; (1) 3PAR Inc., USA; (2) Stanford University, USA (invited)

ThB2 Modeling of pulse compressors using Kostenbauder matrices ; Vikrant Chauhan, Jacob Cohen , and Rick Trebino ; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

ThB3 Modified Rate Equation Model Including the Photon-Photon Resonance ; A. Laakso and M. Dumitrescu ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

ThB4 A Modified Stretching Factor for Perfect Matched Layers in 2D FDTD simulations ; Fahmida Ferdous, Satoshi Ishii, and Jian Wang ; Purdue University, USA

ThPD1 A Novel Approach for OLED Simulations ; Mauro Furno, Rico Meerheim, Bjoern Luessem, and Karl Leo; Technical University Dresden, Germany

12:15-12:20 Closing Remarks

14:30-18:00 Crosslight Software Tutorial




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