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1-4 September 2014

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Nanostructures (Bertazzi)
GaN-based Devices (Karpov)
Light-Emitting Diodes (Auf der Maur)
Poster Session & Welcome Reception






Circuits and Systems (Connelly)
Novel Devices (Swillam)
Optical Amplifiers (Radziunas)
Rump Session: Efficiency Droop






Novel Materials (Tomic)
Laser Diodes (Chow)
Numerical Methods
Conference Excursion & Dinner

Thursday 08:30-09:50

Solar Cells I (Hu)
Solar Cells II (Handel)
Photodetectors (Sujecki)
Postdeadline Session (Piprek)

Friday 09:00-13:00 FS1 Crosslight Software Workshop

Monday, 1 September 2014

Registration Desk opens 8:00

10:00-10:10 Welcome Address

10:10-11:30 Nanostructures (Session Chair: Francesco Bertazzi, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

MA1 Many-Body Effects in CdSe/CdTe Coloidal Quantum Dots; Jacek M. Miloszewski and Stanko Tomic ; University of Salford, UK

MA2 Realistic models of quantum-dot heterostructures; Daniele Barettin (1), Matthias Aur der Maur (1), Alessandro Pecchia (2), and Aldo di Carlo (1) ; (1) University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy; (2) CNR-ISMN, Monterotondo, Italy

MA3 Model for a semiconductor quantum-dot nanolaser; Weng W. Chow (1), F. Jahnke (2), and C. Gies (2) ; (1) Sandia National Laboratories, USA; (2) University of Bremen, Germany

MA4 Design and simulation of high-speed nanophotonic electro-optic modulators ; Simeon N. Kaunga-Nyirenda (1), H.K. Dias (1), J.J. Lim (1), S. Bull (1), S. Malaguti (2), G. Bellanca (2) and E.C. Larkins (1) ; (1) The University of Nottingham, UK; (2) University of Ferrara, Italy

11:30-13:00 Lunch Break (individual)

13:00-14:30 GaN-based Devices (Session Chair: Sergey Karpov, STR Group - Soft-Impact, Ltd., Russia)

MB1 Auger transitions and their signatures in III-nitride LEDs: a full-band modeling; Francesco Bertazzi, Xiangyu Zhou, Michele Goano, Giovanni Ghione, Enrico Bellotti ; Politecnico di Torino, Italy (invited)

MB2 Effect of alloy fluctuations in InGaN/GaN quantum wells on optical emission strength ; Matthias Auf der Maur (1), D. Barettin (1), A. Pecchia (2), F. Sacconi (3), A. Di Carlo (1) ; (1) Universita degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy; (2) CNR-ISMN, Italy; (3) Tiberlab Srl., Italy

MB4 Trap-assisted tunneling in InGaN/GaN LEDs: experiments and physics-based simulation; Marco Mandurrino (1), G. Verzellesi (2), M. Goano (1,3), M. E. Vallone (1), F. Bertazzi (1,3), G. Ghione (1), M. Meneghini (4), G. Meneghesso (4), and E. Zanoni (4) ; (1) Politecnico di Torino, Italy; (2) Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy; (3) IEIIT-CNR, Politecnico di Torino, Italy; (4) Università di Padova, Italy

MB5 Minimizing the influence of surface potentials in axial (In,Ga)N/GaN nanowire heterostructures by reducing their diameter ; Oliver Marquardt, L. Geelhaar, and O. Brandt ; Paul-Drude-Institut, Germany

14:30-15:00 Coffee Break

15:00-16:50 Light-Emitting Diodes (Session Chair: Matthias Auf der Maur, University of Rome " Tor Vergata", Italy)

MC1 ABC-Model for Interpretation of Internal Quantum Efficiency and Its Droop in III-Nitride LEDs; Sergey Karpov ; STR Group - Soft-Impact, Ltd., St.Petersburg, Russia (invited)

MC2 Highly Efficient GaN-based Bipolar Cascade LEDs; Joachim Piprek ; NUSOD Institute, USA

MC3 Monte Carlo simulation of hot electron transport in III-N LEDs; Pyry Kivisaari, Toufik Sadi, Jani Oksanen, and Jukka Tulkki ; Aalto University, Finland

MC4 Numerical Analysis of Planar Light-Emitting Diode with Designed p-Electrode ; Irina Khmyrova(1), N.Watanabe(1), A. Kovalchuk(2), J. Kholopova(2), and S. Shapoval (2) ; (1) University of Aizu, Japan; (2) IMT RAS, Russia

MC5 Double-sided Pattern Design on Patterned Sapphire Substrate of GaN-based LEDs; Xinyu Yu, Zhen Che, Jun Zhang, Mengyuan Xie, Jianhui Yu, Huihui Lu, Yunhan Luo, Zhe Chen ; Jinan University, China

17:00-19:00 Poster Session & Welcome Reception (Session Chair: Julien Javaloyes, Balearic Islands University, Spain)

MP01 A spurious-solution-free envelope function model for quantum-confined wurtzite nanostructures; Xiangyu Zhou, Francesco Bertazzi, Michele Goano, Giovanni Ghione ; Politecnico di Torino, Italy

MP02 Electrical characteristics simulation of GaAs-based blocked-impurity-band detector for THz application; Xiaodong Wang (1), Bingbing Wang (1), Liwei Hou (1), Wei Xie (1), Xiaoyao Chen (2), and Ming Pan (1) ; (1) No. 50 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China; (2) Fudan University, China

MP03 Photoresponse simulation for separate absorption and multiplication GaN/AlGaN avalanche photodiode; Xiaodong Wang (1), Bingbing Wang (1), Liwei Hou (1), Wei Xie (1), Xiaoyao Chen (2), and Ming Pan (1) ; (1) No. 50 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China; (2) Fudan University, China

MP04 Calculation of silicon antireflective microstructures for mid-infrared applications ; Young Min Song (1), K. S. Chang (2) ; (1) Pusan National University, Korea; (2) Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea

MP05 Determination of minority carrier lifetime in mercury-cadmium telluride photovoltaic detectors using parallel resistance method; Haoyang Cui, J. L. Wang, C. Q. Wang, C. Liu, and Z. Tang ; Shanghai University of Electric Power, China

MP06 The Photoelectric Conversion Behavior of GaAs/InGaAs/InAs QuantumDots-in-well in Double Barrier ; Wei-Wei Wang, Lin Ding, Fang-Min Guo ; East China Normal University, China

MP07 Effect of Electron Blocking Layer on Inter-QW Transport in III-Nitride Multi-QW LEDs; Mikhail V. Kisin, Chih-Li Chuang and Hussein S. El-Ghoroury ; Ostendo Technologies Inc., USA

MP08 Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Modulator Dynamic Model; Michael Connelly ; University of Limerick, Ireland

MP10 A novel plasmonic nanosensor based on electro-magnetically induced transparency of waveguide ; B.Ni, X.Y. Chen, Dayuan Xiong, H. Liu, G.H. Hua, J.H. Chang, J.H. Zhang, H.Zhou ; (1) Nanjing University , China; (2) Fudan University, China; (3) East China Normal University, China

MP11 Gap Surface Plasmon Waveguide Analysis; Michael G. Nielsen and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi ; University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

MP12 Ultra-compact modulator based on Epsilon-Near-Zero metamaterial; Longzhi Yang, Ting Hu, Ao Shen, Chongyang Pei, Bing Yang, Tingge Dai, Hui Yu, Yubo Li, Xiaoqing Jiang, and Jianyi Yang ; Zhejiang University, China;

MP13 Twisted Split-ring Chiral Metamaterials for Broadband Circular Dichroism ; Ruonan Ji, Shaowei Wang, Xiaoshuang Chen and Wei Lu ; Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

MP14 A Self-consistent Algorithm for InGaAs/GaAs strained multi-period Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors; X.Q. Lu, Dayuan Xiong, C.L. Yu, J.Q. Wang ; East China Normal University, China

MP15 Simulation of Kerr-nonlinear waveguide structures by an eigenmode expansion method; Jiri Petracek ; Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

MP16 Plasmon-enhanced Light Absorption of Silicon Solar Cells Using Al Nanoparticles; Debao Zhang, X. Yang, X. Hong, Y. Liu, J. Feng ; Changshu Institute of Technology, China

MP17 Nanohole Design for High Performance Polymer Solar Cell; Doha M.A.Rahman (1), Mohamed Farahat O. Hameed (1,2) , S. S. A. Obayya(1) ; (1) Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt; (2) Mansoura University, Egypt

MP18 Influence of Gain on Transmission of Nanocavity Containing Metamaterials; Alireza Keshavarz, E.Tahmasebi ; Shiraz University of Technology, Iran

MP19 Efficient Modelling of Quantum Nanostructures; M. Ayad and Mohamed A Swillam ; The American University in Cairo, Egypt

MP20 Absorption Enhancement in Hexagonal Plasmonic Solar Cell; Muhammad.H.Muhammad (1) , Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed (1, 2) , and S. S. A. Obayya (1) ; (1) Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt; (2) Mansoura University, Egypt

MP21 Shape-induced Effect on c-Si Thin Film Solar Cell Efficiency; Chuanhong Liu ; Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, China

MP22 Study of the optical properties of a micro pillar array solar cell for different configurations; Francisco Jose Cabrera-España, B. M. A. Rahman and A. Agrawal ; City University London, United Kingdom

MP23 Simulation of SOA-MRR-Based Equalization Technique for FSO Signals; Zoi V. Rizou (1), K. E. Zoiros (1), and A. Hatziefremidis (2) ; (1) Democritus University of Thrace, Greece; (2) Technological Educational Institute of Chalkis, Greece

MP24 Design of Integrated Refractive Index Sensor Based on Bend Waveguide with a Trench Structure; Jin Hwa Ryu, H. S. Yang, C. M. Kang, L. M. Do, K. B. Lee, N. K. Um, and K. H. Baek ; Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea

MP25 Simulation of a Ridge-type Semiconductor Laser with Selective Double-Sided Anti-guiding and Partially Undoped Cladding Layers; Daiya Katsuragawa and Takahiro Numai ; Ritsumeikan University, Japan

MP26 Mode defletion in lithium niobate waveguide via elecctro-optic effect and its application for beam smoothing; Yuan Wang, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Yingxin Zeng, Xiaoli He, Yunhan Luo, Jun Zhang, Jieyuan Tang, Zhe Chen ; Jinan University, China

MP27 Analysis of Gain Saturation Characteristics in SOAs for Different Input Pulse Shapes; Suchi Barua (1), Narottam Das (1, 2), Sven Nordholm (1), and Mohammad Razaghi (3) ; (1) Curtin University, Australia; (2) Curtin University Sarawak, Malaysia; (3) University of Kurdistan, Iran

MP28 Optical Gain in Double Semi-Parabolic Quantum Well Laser typical of AlGaAs/GaAs ; Alireza Keshavarz (1), N. Zamani(1), and H. Nadgaran (2) ; (1) Shiraz University of Technology, Iran (2) Shiraz University, Iran

MP30 Enhanced Light Absorption in Plasmonics-based MSM-PD with Special Design of Subwavelength Slit; F. F. Masouleh(1), Narottam Das(2), and S. M. Rozati(1) ; (1) University of Guilan, Iran; (2) Curtin University, Australia

MP31 Hybrid FDTD modeling of a two-level atomic system; Bartlomiej Salski ; Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

MP32 Numerical Analysis of Optical Coupling Characteristics of Side-polished Photonics Crystal Fiber and Micro Optical Fiber with Bending; Xiaoli He, Jianhui Yu, Yingxin Zeng, Yunhan Luo, Jun Zhang, Jieyuan Tang, Zhe Chen, Huihui Lu ; Jinan University, China

MP33 Multiple-level Grating Used for Nanostructured Thin Film Solar Cells ; Chuanhong Liu ; Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, China

MP34 Hybrid Core Semiconductor Nanowires for Solar Cell Applications; Mohamed Hussein (1, 2) , Nihal F. F. Areed (1, 3), Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed (1, 3), S. S. A. Obayya (1) ; (1) Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt; (2) Ain Sham University, Egypt; (3) Mansoura University, Egypt

MP35 Circuit Model of UTC-PD with High Power and Enhanced Bandwidth Technique; S. Khanra and Abhirup Das Barman ; University of Calcutta, India

MP36 Angular orientation of micro-structured fiber by side imaging analysis; Junxie Xie, Zhe Chen, Yunhan Luo, Huacai Huang, Jieyuan Tang, Junbin Fang, Jianhui Yu, Huihui Lu, Jun Zhang ; Jinan University, China

MP37 Optimal Design of the fluorescence sensors based on step-index multimode optical fibers; Yingxin Zeng (2,3), Zhe Chen (1,2), Rongsheng Chen (3), Yanbiao Liao (3), Jianhui Yu (1,2), Huihui Lu (1,2), Xindan Chen (1,2) ; (1) Guangdong Higher Education Institutes, China; (2) Jinan University, China; (3) South China Agricultural University, China

MP38 Optimization of The Residual Radius of The Side-Polished Photonic Crystal Fiber Coupler; Yue Ma, Zhe Chen, Qingsong Wei, Yunhan Luo, Xiaoli He, Zhen Che, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Jieyuan Tang, Jun Zhang ; Jinan University, China

MP40 Quantum model for carrier capture time through phonon emission in InGaN/GaN LEDs; Marco E. Vallone, Francesco Bertazzi, Michele Goano, Giovanni Ghione ; Politecnico di Torino, Italy

MPD41 Self-pulsing and chaos in coupled ring resonators with non-instantaneous Kerr-nonlinear response; Yasa Eksioglu Ozok and Jiri Petracek; Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

MPD42 Selecting the Right Growth-Plane within GaN Crystal for InGaN-based Yellow-Green or Yellow Lasers by Simulations ; Mohammed Nadir ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

MPD43 Modeling and Simulation of Reflecting SLEDs; Nicolai Matuschek and M. Duelk, Exalos AG, Switzerland

MPD44 Hybrid Plasmonic Whispering-gallery-mode Ring Resonator at NanoScales ; Feifei Shi, Chuanhong Liu, Xin Gong, Zhaoyu Zhang; Peking University, China

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:20 Circuits and Systems (Session Chair: Michael Connelly, University of Limerick, Ireland)

TuA1 Smart Techniques for Modelling Nanophotonic Circuits; Mohamed A. Swillam ; The American University in Cairo, Egypt (invited)

TuA2 Simulation of nonlinear optical resonator circuits ; Thomas Van Vaerenbergh, M. Fiers, J. Dambre and P. Bienstman ; Ghent University, Belgium

TuA3 Mixed mode oscillations in a forced optoelectronic circuit for pattern and random bit generation; B. Romeira (1), J. M. L. Figueiredo (1), Julien Javaloyes (2), O. Piro (2), Salvador Balle (3) ; (1) Universidade do Algarve, Portugal; (2) Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain; (3) Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats, Spain

TuA4 Simulation Result for Dynamic Range Extension in Coherent Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry; Myoung Jin Kim, Young Ho Kim, Eun Joo Jung, Woo-Jin Lee, Sung Hwan Hwang, and Byung Sup Rho ; Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Korea

TuA5 Improved Performance of Colour Shift Keying using Voronoi Segmentation for Indoor Communication; A. Halder and Abhirup Das Barman ; University of Calcutta, India

10:20-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-12:40 Novel Devices (Session Chair: Mohamed Swillam, The American University of Cairo, Egypt)

TuB1 Modelling and Design of MIR Chalcogenide Glass Fibre Lasers ; Slawek Sujecki (1), A. Oladeji (1), L. Sojka (1), A. Phillips (1), A.B. Seddon (1), T.M. Benson (1), H. Sakr (1), Z. Tang (1), D. Furniss (1), K. Scholle (2), S. Lamrini (2) and P. Furberg (2) ; (1) University of Nottingham, UK; (2) LISA laser products OHG Fuhrberg & Teichmann, Germany (invited)

TuB2 Full-scale simulations of dielectric laser-driven accelerators; Benjamin M. Cowan (1), G. I. Bell (1), R. J. England (2), R. J. Noble (2), E. A. Peralta (2), and K. Soong (2) ; (1) Tech-X Corporation, USA; (2) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA

TuB3 A Numerical Investigation of Continuous Wave Parametric Gain in Silicon Nano Waveguides at Wavelengths around 1550 nm; Giannino Dziallas (1), M. Jazajerifar (1), A.j Gajda (2), L. Zimmermann (2), K. Petermann (1) ; (1) Technische Universität Berlin, Germany; (2) IHP, Germany

TuB4 Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Based on a Photonic Crystal and Bimetallic Configuration; Fang Wang, Chaoying Chen, Peiling Mao, Yunhan Luo , Xiaolong Chen, Junbin Fang, Shuihua Peng, Jun Zhang, Jieyuan Tang, Huihui Lu, Zhe Chen, Jianhui Yu ; Jinan University, China

TuB5 Design and Optimization of Multimode Fiber Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance; Peiling Mao , Yunhan Luo , Xiaolong Chen, Junbin Fang, Hankai Huang, Chaoying Chen, Shuihua Peng, Jun Zhang, Jieyuan Tang, Huihui Lu, Zhe Chen, Jianhui Yu* ; Jinan University, China

12:40-14:10 Lunch Break (individual)

14:10-15:50 Optical Amplifiers (Session Chair: Mindaugas Radziunas, Weierstrass Institute, Germany)

TuC1 Ground and Excited-State Performance of an Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Amplifier; Benjamin Lingnau, Eckehard Schöll, and Kathy Lüdge ; Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin

TuC2 Wideband Steady-State Model of a Strained MQW-SOA; Michael J. Connelly (1), S. Mazzucato (2), H. Carrere (2), X. Marie (2), T. Amand (2), M. Achouche (3), C. Caillaud (3) and R. Brenot (3) ; (1) University of Limerick, Ireland; (2) Université de Toulouse, France; (3) Alcatel Thales III-V Lab, France

TuC3 Simulation of Polarization Effects in Solid State Lasers and Amplifiers; Christoph Pflaum, Rainer Hartmann and Thomas Graupeter ; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

TuC4 Analysis of the performance of tapered semiconductor optical amplifiers: role of the taper angle; José-Manuel Tijero, L. Borruel, M. Vilera and I. Esquivias ; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

TuC5 Rules of Filamentation in Tapered Diode Amplifiers; Benjamin Dalin (1), E. Pniel (1), S. Golod (2), Sh. Y. Goldin (1,2), E. Shekel (2) ; (1) Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel; (2) Civan Advanced Technologies Ltd., Israel

15:50-16:20 Coffee Break

16:20-18:10 Photonics (Session Chair: Slawek Sujecki, University of Nottingham, UK)

TuD1 Recent progress in theory of nonlinear pulse propagation in optical fibers ; Shalva Amiranashvili (1), U. Bandelow (1), N. Akhmediev (2) ; (1) WIAS Berlin, Germany; (2) The Australian National University, Australia (invited)

TuD2 Longitudinal mode analysis of multisection ring and edge-emitting semiconductor lasers; Mindaugas Radziunas ; Weierstrass Institute, Germany

TuD3 Numerical Results for Wavelength Conversion of Superchannels in a Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Waveguide ; Matteo Giacalone (1), F. Fresi (1), G. Meloni (2) and L. Poti (2) ; (1) TeCip Institute Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy; (2) CNIT Institute, Italy

TuD4 3D-Simulation and Characterization of Subwavelength Grating Waveguides in SOI ; Thomas Föhn (1), N. Hoppe (1), W. Vogel(1), M. Schmidt (1), M. Félix Rosa (1), M. Berroth (1), J. Butschke (2), F. Letzkus (2) ; (1) University of Stuttgart, Germany; (2) Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart, Germany

TuD5 Quantum Waveguides Discontinuities Analysis; Afaf M. A. Saeed, and Saleh S. A. Obayya ; Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt

20:00-22:00 Rump Session: GaN-LED Efficiency Droop (Session Chair: Joachim Piprek, NUSOD Institute, USA)

Panel discussion of open questions and future activities needed to settle the controversy on the physical mechanism(s) behind the high-power efficiency decline in GaN-based light emitting diodes employed in solid state lighting applications (background information).

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-9:20 Novel Materials (Session Chair: Stanko Tomic, University of Salford, UK)

WA1 Optical Metasurfaces Based on Gap Plasmon Resonators; Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi ; University of Southern Denmark, Denmark (invited)

WA3 Strong and Broadband Circular Dichroism based on Helix-like Chiral Metamaterials; Ruonan Ji, Shaowei Wang, Xiaoshuang Chen and Wei Lu ; Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

9:20-9:50 Coffee Break

9:50-11:20 Laser Diodes (Session Chair: Weng Chow, Sandia National Labs, USA)

WB1 Time-localized Structures in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers; M. Marconi (1), J. Javaloyes (2), S. Balle (2), Massimo Giudici (1) ; (1)Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, France; (2) Universitat de les Illes Baleares, Spain (invited)

WB2 Passively mode-locked lasers subject to optical feedback: the role of amplitude-phase coupling; Lina Jaurigue, E. Schöll and K Lüdge ; Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

WB3 Investigations of External Cavity Diode Lasers: Simulations, Analysis and Experiments ; M.Radziunas (1), Vasile Tronciu (2), E. Luvsandamdin (3), C. Kürbis (3), A.Wicht (3), H.Wenzel (3) ; (1)Weierstrass Institute, Germany; (2)Technical University of Moldova, Moldova; (3) Ferdinand Braun Institute, Germany

WB4 Theoretical analysis of passively mode-locked inhomogeneously broadened lasers; Alexander Pimenov, A. G. Vladimirov ; WIAS Berlin, Germany

11:30-12:20 Numerical Methods (Session Chair: Yuh-Renn Wu ; National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

WC1 Modeling of multimode laser dynamics by means of delay differential equations; Andrei G. Vladimirov, A. Pimenov, U. Bandelow ; WIAS Berlin, Germany (invited)

WC2 On modifications of the Scharfetter-Gummel scheme for drift-diffusion equations with Fermi-like statistical distribution functions; Thomas Koprucki, M. Kantner, J. Fuhrmann, K. Gärtner ; Weierstrass-Institute (WIAS Berlin), Germany

12:20-14:00 Lunch Break (individual)

14:00-22:00 Conference Excursion & Dinner

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-9:50 Solar Cells I (Session Chair: Weida Hu, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China)

ThA1 Design of Light Trapping Nanopatterned Solar Cells Based on Three-Dimensional Optical and Electrical Modeling; Hui-Hsin Hsiao, Hung-Chun Chang, and Yuh-Renn Wu ; National Taiwan University, Taiwan

ThA2 Prediction and prevention of defective regions within thin-film silicon solar cells; Martin Sever, J. Krc, M. Topic ; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

ThA3 Optimization of interdigitated back contact geometry in silicon heterojunction solar cell; Miha Filipic, F. Smole, M. Topic ; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

ThA5 Study of the Electrical Performance of n-GaAs sub-cells in InGaP/GaAs/Ge 3J Solar Cells under 1 MeV Electron Irradiation using Computer Simulation ; M. A. Cappelletti (1,2), Guillermo A. Casas (1,3), A. P. Cédola (1), and E. L. Peltzer y Blancá (1) ; (1) Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina; (2) Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche, Argentina; (3) Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina

9:50-10:20 Coffee Break

10:20-11:40 Solar Cells II (Session Chair: Peter H. Handel, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis, USA)

ThB1 Simulation of semi-transparent organic tandem solar cells for solar shading; Jan Mescher, S.-W. Kettlitz, N. Christ, M.-F.-G. Klein, A. Pütz, A. Mertens, A. Colsmann, and U. Lemmer ; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

ThB2 Combining structures on different length scales in ray tracing: Analysis of optical losses in solar cell modules; Matthias Winter (1), Malte R. Vogt (1), Hendrik Holst (2), Pietro P. Altermatt (1) ; (1) Leibniz University Hannover, Germany; (2) Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH), Germany

ThB3 Studying the Effect of Scattering Layers on the Efficiency of Thin Film Solar Cells; Zhabiz Rahimi, Christoph Pflaum ; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

ThB4 Photocurrent Enhancement in GaPNAs-based Solar Cells With Si Nanowire Array Substrate; Dmitrii A. Kudryashov (1,2), A.S. Gudovskikh (1,2) ; (1) Saint-Petersburg Academic University, Russia; (2) Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russia

11:40-13:10 Lunch Break (individual)

13:10-15:00 Photodetectors (Session Chair: Slawek Sujecki, University of Nottingham, UK)

ThC1 HOT HgCdTe infrared detectors ; Piotr Martyniuk ; Military University of Technology, Poland (invited)

ThC2 Quantum Theory of 1/f Noise in Quantum Well Photodetectors; Peter H. Handel (1) and A.M. Truong (2) ; (1) Univ. of Missouri, USA; (2) Southern Illinois Univ. Edwadsville, USA

ThC3 Compensation for RC-effects in organic photodiodes with large sheet resistances ; Siegfried Kettlitz, J. Mescher, and U. Lemmer ; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

ThC4 Modeling of HgCdTe photoconductive infrared detector with metallic nanostructures; Jian Liang, Weida Hu, X. S. Chen, Z. F. Li, and W. Lu ; Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

ThC5 PDL optimization of MQW pin PD; Gan Zhou, P. Runge ; Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-17:00 Post-Deadline Session (Session Chair: Joachim Piprek, NUSOD Institute, USA)

ThPD1 Instability of FD-BPM when applied in semiconductor laser modelling; Slawek Sujecki, University of Nottingham, UK

ThPD2 A Numerical Study of Line-Edge Roughness in Graphene Superlattice-Based Photodetectors; Mahdi Moradinasab (2)(1) , M. Pourfath (2)(1), M. Fathipour (2), and H. Kosina(1); (1) Vienna Technical University, Austria; (2) University of Tehran, Iran

ThPD3 Simultaneous prediction of two independent chaotic time series using semiconductor ring lasers with optical feedback; Romain Modeste Nguimdo, Guy Verschaffelt, Jan Danckaert, and Guy Van der Sande; Vrije University Brussel, Belgium

ThPD4 UWB Analogous Optical Link Based on a Quantum-Dot-in-a-Well (QDWELL) Laser ; Yossef Ben Ezra and Boris I. Lembrikov; Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

ThPD5 Asymptotic and numerical analysis of semiconductor ring lasers with negative optoelectronic and incoherent optical feedback; Sifeu Takougang Kingni (1,2), G. Van der Sande (1), Ilya V. Ermakov (3) and J. Danckaert (1); (1) Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; (2) University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon; (3) Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

ThPD6 Numerical investigation of optical gain in tensile strained germanium layers for near infra-red lasers ; O. Aldaghri, Z. Ikonic and R. W. Kelsall; University of Leeds, UK



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