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11-15 July 2016

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Highlights from Down Under (Steel)
Laser Diodes I (Piprek)
Novel Materials (Auf der Maur)
Poster Session I & Reception (Poulton)




Novel Devices (Willatzen)
Light-Emitting Diodes (Eichler)
Plasmonics (Kuhlmey)
Photodetectors (Martyniuk)
Poster Session II (de Sterke)




Solar Cells (Wu)
Photonics (Bardella)
Excursion & Dinner

Thursday 08:30-09:40

Numerical Methods (Koprucki)
Laser Diodes II (Dumitrescu)
Nanostructures (Marquardt)
Postdeadline Session (Piprek)

Friday 08:30-12:00

Crosslight Tutorial on Optoelectronics
COMSOL Tutorial on Optomechanics
Synopsys RSoft Tutorial on Mixed-Level Optics

NUSOD 2016 Handbook (PDF)

Monday, 11 July 2016

Registration Desk opens 8:30

9:45-10:00 Welcome Address

10:00-11:30 Highlights from Down Under (Session Chair: Michael Steel, Macquarie University, Australia)

MA1 Nonlinear optical phononics: Harnessing light-sound interactions in nanoscale integrated circuits; Benjamin J. Eggleton; University of Sydney, Australia (invited)

MA2 (withdrawn) Polarizability approximations generalized to dielectric nanospheres ; R. Colom (1,2), A. Devilez (1), B. Kuhlmey (2), B. Stout (1), N. Bonod (1) ; (1) Institut Fresnel, France; (2) University of Sydney, Australia

MA3 Effective impedance modeling of metamaterial structures; K. B. Dossou (1), C. G. Poulton (1), and L. C. Botten(1,2); (1) University of Technology Sydney, Australia; (2) National Computational Infrastructure, Australia

MA4 Open Database from Experimental Laser Systems - Resource for Photonics Simulations; D M Kane, J P Toomey, C J McMahon and D J Little ; Macquarie University, Australia

MA5 An Optical MEMS Cross-bar Switch; G. Putrino, J. Dell, and L. Faraone ; University of Western Australia, Australia

11:30-13:00 Lunch Break (individual)

13:00-14:50 Laser Diodes I (Session Chair: Joachim Piprek, NUSOD Institute, US)

MB1 Dynamic simulations of Integrated Couped Cavity Lasers ; Paolo Bardella (1), W.W. Chow (2), I. Montrosset (1) ; (1) Politecnico di Torino, Italy; (2) Sandia National Laboratories, USA (invited)

MB2 A multi-mode delay differential equation model for lasers with optical feedback ; M. Radziunas ; Weierstrass Institute Berlin, Germany

MB3 Numerical Simulation of Quantum Dot Single Section Fabry-Perot Laser Combs ; Paolo Bardella, Ivo Montrosset, Mariangela Gioannini ; Politecnico di Torino, Italy (Top 10 Preview)

MB4 Effect of Nonlinear Gain on the Phase Noise of Y-branch Lasers: Numerical Study ; Fan Liu (1), Rui Zhou (2), Jialin Zhao (1), Kai Shi (3), Yonglin Yu (1), and Liam Barry (2) ; (1) Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China; (2) Dublin City University, Ireland; (3) University College London, U.K.

MB5 Theory and optimisation of 1.3 and 1.55 um (Al)InGaAs metamorphic quantum well lasers ; Christopher A. Broderick (1), Silviu Bogusevschi (2,3) and Eoin P. O'Reilly (2,3) ; (1) University of Bristol, UK; (2) Tyndall National Institute, Ireland; (3) University College Cork, Ireland

14:50-15:20 Coffee Break

15:20-17:00 Novel Materials (Session Chair: Matthias Auf der Maur, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy)

MC1 Simulations of the electronic properties of GaAs polytype superlattices ; Oliver Marquardt, Pierre Corfdir, Lutz Geelhaar, Manfred Ramsteiner, and Oliver Brandt ; PDI Berlin, Germany (Top 10 Preview)

MC2 Suppression of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in composite media ; MJA Smith (1), CM de Sterke (1), BT Kuhlmey (1), CG Poulton (2), M Lapine (2), and C Wolff (2) ; (1) University of Sydney, Australia; (2) University of Technology Sydney, Australia

MC3 Theoretical Analysis of Strain Effect on Optical Gain in GeSn Alloys ; Guo-En Chang ; National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

MC4 Evaluating the Purcell Factor in Hyperbolic Metamaterials ; Kaizad Rustomji (1,2), Redha Abdeddaim (1), Boris Kuhlmey (2), and Stefan Enoch (1) ; (1) Institut Fresnel, France; (2) University of Sydney, Australia

MC5 Sub-wavelength air cavities in uniaxial metamaterials ; Shaghik Atakaramians and Boris T. Kuhlmey ; University of Sydney, Australia

17:00-19:00 Poster Session I & Welcome Reception (Session Chair: Christopher Poulton, University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

MP01 Modelling Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors in a Waveguide-Based Ring Resonator ; Nicola A. Tyler, Jorge Barreto, Gerardo E. Villarreal-Garcia, Damien Bonneau, Döndü Sahin, Jeremy L. O'Brien and Mark G. Thompson ; University of Bristol, United Kingdom (Top 10 Preview) (BEST POSTER)

MP02 Study on Noise Behaviors of Epitaxial Si:P Blocked-Impurity-Band Detectors ; Bingbing Wang (1), Xiaodong Wang (1), Liwei Hou (1), Wei Xie (1), Xiaoyao Chen (2), Yawei Kuang (3), and Ming Pan (1) ; (1) No. 50 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China; (2) Fudan University, China; (3) Changshu Institute of Technology, China

MP03 Electromagnetic characteristics of serpentine shaped metamaterial in terahertz region ; G. J. Lee and Y. M. Song ; Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

MP04 Humidity sensor based on perfect metamaterial absorber ; B. Ni (1), Z. Y. Wang (1), R. S. Zhao (1), X. Y. Ma (1), Z. Q. Xing (1) , L. S. Yang (1), L. J. Huang (2), Y. Y. Lin (3), D. B. Zhang (4) ; (1) Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China; (2) North Carolina State University, USA; (3) Fujian Normal University, China; (4) Changshu Institute of Technology, China

MP05 A method of obtaining high quantum efficiency in uncooled LWIR HgCdTe photodetectors ; M. Kopytko (1), A. Józwikowska (2), K. Józwikowski (1), P. Martyniuk (1), M. Nietopiel (1) ; (1) Military University of Technology, Poland; (2) University of Life Science, Poland

MP06 Impact of AlN-aperture on Optical and Electrical Properties on Nitride VCSEL ; P. Spiewak, A. K. Sokol, M. Wasiak and R. P. Sarzala ; Lodz University of Technology, Poland

MP07 Numerical Analysis and Optimization of PEDOT:PSS/Si Nanowire Hybrid Solar Cells ; Kuan-Ying Ho and Yuh-Renn Wu ; National Taiwan University,Taiwan

MP08 Optical Modelling of Semi-transparent OPV devices ; Mushfika Baishakhi Upama, Matthew Wright, Naveen Kumar Elumalai, Md Arafat Mahmud, Dian Wang, Kah Howe Chan, Cheng Xu, Faiazul Haque, Ashraf Uddin ; University of New South Wales, Australia

MP09 Theory of InGaBiAs dilute bismide alloys for highly efficient InP-based mid-infrared semiconductor lasers ; Christopher A. Broderick, Wanshu Xiong, and Judy M. Rorison ; University of Bristol, UK

MP10 Design consideration for ion-implanted planar GaAs blocked-impurity-band detectors ; Yun Zhang (1)(2), Xiaodong Wang (2), Bingbing Wang (2), Liwei Hou (2), Xiaoyao Chen (3), Yawei Kuang (4), and Ming Pan (2) ; (1) Hangzhou Dianzi University, China; (2) No. 50 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China; (3) Fudan University, China; (4) Changshu Institute of Technology, China;

MP12 Light Absorption Enhancement by Embedding Aluminum Nanodisk Arrays in Rear Dielectric of Ultra-thin Film Solar Cells ; Debao Zhang, Yawei Kuang, Xuekun Hong, Yushen Liu, Zhenguang Shao, Xifeng Yang ; Changshu Institute of Technology, China

MP13 Mathematical Model of Nonlinear Coupling and its Effect on Rotation Sensitivity of Semiconductor Ring Laser Gyroscope ; Arpit Khandelwal (1), Azeemuddin Syed (1), Jagannath Nayak (2) ; (1) CVEST, IIIT, India; (2) RCI, DRDO, India

MP14 Dielectric tube Terahertz waveguide with anti-reflection structure ; Dominik Walter Vogt, Rainer Leonhardt ; University of Auckland, New Zealand

MP15 Properties behavior of InAs quantum dots and InGaAs quantum well on the photodetector ; J. Song , B. Zhang, F. M. Guo ; East China Normal University, China

MP16 A Silicon-Waveguide Polarization Converter with a Metal Strip on an SiO2 Substrate ; J. Yamauchi, Y. Rikihisa, H. Nakano ; Hosei University, Japan

MP17 The method for calculation of carrier concentration in narrow-gap n-type doped CdxHg1-xTe structures ; A. Józwikowska (1), K. Józwikowski (1), M. Suligowski (2), P. Moszczynski 2) and M. Nietopiel (2) ; (1) Warsaw University of Life Science, Poland; (2) Military University of Technology, Poland

MP18 (no show) Relationship between the Relaxation Oscillation Frequency of a Laser Diode and its External Cavity Length ; Bin Liu, Yanguang Yu, Jiangtao Xi, Qinghua Guo, Jun Tong ; University of Wollongong, Australia

MP19 Single and Coupled Metasurfaces For Tunable Polarization-Sensitive Terahertz Filters ; A. E. Serebryannikov (1), A. Lakhtakia (2), E. Ozbay (3) ; (1) Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland; (2) Pennsylvania State University, USA; (3) Bilkent University, Turkey

MP20 Numerical Investigation of a Three-Dimensional Stub-Type Plasmonic Filter ; Jun Shibayama, Hiroki Kawai, Junji Yamauchi, and Hisamatsu Nakano ; Hosei University, Japan

MP21 Numerical simulation of near-field focusing phenomena depending on the radius of curvature and the refractive index of microlens ; H. G. Park, G. J. Lee and Y. M. Song ; Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

MP22 Design of ZnO multilayers with different porosities for UV absorbing transparent glasses ; Y. J. Yoo and Y. M. Song ; Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

MP23 An effective antioxidized strategy for Ag based film-dielectric-metal plasmonic sensor ; Yulian Li, Jun Gao, Xuejia Lu ; Shanghai Maritime University, China

MP24 High Sensitivity SPR Sensor Based on Microfiber Coated with Gold Nanowires ; H. Si, J. Yu, H. Lu, J. Tang, Jun Zhang, H. Guan, Y. Luo, Z. Chen ; Jinan University, China

MP25 Plane wave analysis of bull's eye gratings ; Debdatta Ray and Anil Prabhakar ; Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

MP26 Transverse Structure Optimization of Laterally-Coupled Ridge Waveguide DFB Lasers ; Topi Uusitalo, Heikki Virtanen, Mihail Dumitrescu ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

MP27 Surface Plasmon Resonance Fiber Optical Sensor Based on Photonic Crystal and Graphene ; Xinjie Feng, Kai Xia, Mei Yang, Yunhan Luo, Jieyuan Tang, Heyuan Guan, Junbin Fang, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Jun Zhang and Zhe Chen ; Jinan University & Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, China

MP28 Visible light communication and lighting using laser diodes ; Jie Yang (1), Zhe Liu (1), Bin Xue (1), Zhou Liao (2), Junxi Wang (1), and Jinmin Li (1) ; (1) Institute of Semiconductors, China (2) Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, China

MP29 Enhancement of Resonance Frequency in a DFB-LD with Internally Incident Modulated Light ; T. Numai ; Ritsumeikan University, Japan

MP30 Uniform line source using a holed cavity and a laser ; Soo-Min Park and Young-Gu Ju ; Kyungpook National University, Korea

MP31 Design and Optimization of Surface Plasmon Resonance Fiber Sensor Based on Gold Nano-Column Array ; Mei Yang, Kai Xia, Xinjie Feng, Yunhan Luo, Jieyuan Tang, Junbin Fang, Jun Zhang, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Yongzhu Chen, Zhe Chen ; Jinan University, China (BEST POSTER PRESENTATION)

MP32 Long range Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor based on Side Polished Fiber with the buffer layer of Magnesium Fluoride ; Kai Xia, Xinjie Feng, Mei Yang, Yunhan Luo, Jieyuan Tang, Heyuan Guan, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Jun Zhang, Yongzhu Chen, Zhe Chen ; Jinan University, China

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:00 Novel Devices (Session Chair: Morten Willatzen, Technical University of Denmark)

TuA1 Lasing from Halide Perovskites ; Mingjie Li (1), Guichuan Xing (2), Xinfeng Liu (3), and Tze Chien Sum (1) ; (1) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; (2) Nanjing Tech University, China; (3) National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (invited)

TuA2 Removing Imaging Artefacts in Wire Media Based Hyperlenses ; M. S. Habib, S. Atakaramians, S. C. Fleming, A. Argyros, and B.T. Kuhlmey ; University of Sydney, Australia

TuA3 Physically Unclonable Function Based on Disordered Photonic Structure ; Qian Li, Feiliang Chen, Mo Li, Heng Long, Peng Sun, Jian Zhang ; China Academy of Engineering Physics, China

TuA4 Polymer photonic microstructures for quantum applications and sensing ; S. Knauer, F. Ortiz Huerta, M. Lopez-Garcia, and J. G. Rarity ; University of Bristol, UK

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:30 Light-Emitting Diodes (Session Chair: Christoph Eichler, OSRAM Opto Semiconductor GmbH, Germany)

TuB1 Mixed-Level Simulation of Opto-Electronic Devices ; M. Bahl (1), E. Heller (1), J. S. Ayubi-Moak (1), W.-C.Ng (1), R. Scarmozzino (1), G. Letay (2) and L. Schneider (2) ; (1) Synopsys, Inc., USA; (2) Synopsys LCC, Zurich, Switzerland (invited)

TuB2 InGaN/GaN Nanowire LEDs and Lasers ; Chao Zhao (1), Tien Khee Ng (1), Shafat Jahangir (2), Thomas Frost (2), Pallab Bhattacharya (2), and Boon S. Ooi (1) ; (1) KAUST, Saudi Arabia; (2) University of Michigan, USA (invited)

TuB3 Analysis of Electroluminescent Cooling in GaN-LEDs ; J. Piprek (1) and Z.M Li (2) ; (1) NUSOD Institute, USA; (2) Crosslight Software, Canada (Top 10 Preview)

TuB4 Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics NEGF Quantum Transport for Nitride LEDs ; Junzhe Geng, Prasad Sarangapani, Erik Nelson, Carl Wordelman, Ben Browne, Tillmann Kubis, and Gerhard Klimeck ; Purdue University & Philips Lumileds, US

TuB5 Modeling of Random Dopant Effects of Organic Light Emitting Diode with Two Dimensional Simulation ; Te-Jen Kung, Jun-Yu Huang, and Yuh-Renn Wu ; National Taiwan University, Taiwan

12:30-13:40 Lunch Break (individual)

13:40-14:40 Plasmonics (Session Chair: Boris Kuhlmey, University of Sydney, Australia)

TuC1 Perfect Absorber at Visible Frequencies Using TiN-based Refractory Plasmonic Metamaterials ; Feiliang Chen, Qian Li, Mo Li, Heng Long, Yao Yao, Peng Sun, Jian Zhang ; Microsystem & Terahertz Research Center of CAEP, China

TuC2 Absorption Enhancement and Spectrum Selectivity of Refractory Plasmonic Nanostructures ; Yanhong Wang, Jingzhi Wu ; North University of China, China

TuC3 Kerr Nonlinear Characteristics of Plasmonic Waveguide Devices ; Guangyuan Li, C. Martijn de Sterke, and Stefano Palomba ; University of Sydney, Australia

14:40-15:10 Coffee Break

15:10-16:30 Photodetectors (Session Chair: Piotr Martyniuk, Military University of Technology, Poland)

TuD1 Numerical Langevine-like method for modelling the noise currents in semiconductors; K. Jozwikowski ; Military University of Technology, Poland

TuD2 Self consistent carrier transport in band engineered HgCdTe nBn detector ; N. D. Akhavan, G. A. Umana-Membreno, J. Antoszweski and L. Faraon ; University of Western Australia, Australia

TuD3 An efficiency and response enhanced metamaterial single photon detector ; Guanhai Li, Weida Hu, Shaowei Wang, Xiaoshuang Chen, Wei Lu ; Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

TuD4 Origin and optimization of large dark current increase in InGaAs/InP APD ; J. Wen (1,2) , W. J. Wang (1,3), W. D. Hu (1), N. Li (1), Z.F. Li (1) and W. Lu (1) ; (1) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China; (2) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; (3) University of Science and Technology, China

TuD5 (withdrawn) Zero- drift of the Photocurrent in Photovoltaic QDIP ; B. Zhang, J. Song, W.G. Ning, W. W. Wang, F. M. Guo ; East China Normal University, China

16:30-18:30 Poster Session II (Session Chair: Martijn de Sterke, University of Sydney, Australia)

TuP01 High Sensitivity Photodetectors based on Nanometer Scaled Periodic Multilayered Structures ; M. Zohar (1), Z. Fradkin (1), M. Auslender (2), and S. Hava (2) ; (1) Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel; (2) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

TuP02 Effects of Spontaneous Polarization on Optical Properties of Ultraviolet BAlGaN/AlN Quantum Well Structures ; Seoung-Hwan Park, Woo-Pyo Hong, Jong-Jae Kim, Bong-Hwan Kim, and Doyeol Ahn ; Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea

TuP03 Theorerical utmost performance of (100) mid-wave HgCdTe photodetectors ; P. Martyniuk, W. Gawron, P. Madejczyk, M. Kopytko, K. Grodecki, E. Gomulka ; Military University of Technology, Poland

TuP04 Analysis of Electronic Transport in a Single-Phonon Resonance mid-IR Quantum Cascade Laser ; G. Haldas; (1), A. Kolek (1), D. Pierscinska (2), P. Gutowski (2), K. Pierscinski (2), P. Karbownik (2), M. Bugajski (2) ; (1) Department of Electronics Fundamentals, Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland; (2) Institute of Electron Technology, Poland

TuP05 Simulation and optimization of 2.6-2.8 um GaSb-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers ; L. Piskorski (1), M. Marciniak (1), and J. Walczak (1,2) ; (1) Lodz University of Technology, Poland; (2) JWS, Poland

TuP06 Simulation of Full-Color III-Nitride RGB LED ; Mikhail V. Kisin, Denis V. Mamedov, and Hussein S. El-Ghoroury ; Ostendo Technologies, USA

TuP07 (no show) Modeling and simulation of LED optical component to enhance light extraction efficiency; Bin Xue, Pengzhi Lu, Peng Ren, Ning Zhang, Zhe Liu, Junxi Wang, Jinmin Li ; Institute of Semiconductors, China

TuP08 The quantum wells and quantum dots structure comparison on suppressing dark current ; H.D.Lu, F.M.Guo ; East China Normal University, China

TuP10 (withdrawn) Adaptive Pre-Compensation of LEDs for Improved Decoding of N-CSK in Visible Light Communication ; Alak Halder and Abhirup Das Barman ; University of Calcutta, India

TuP11 Optimization design of polarizing beam splitter based on metal-multilayer high-contrast reflecting grating ; Heyuan Guan(1,2), Jianhui Yu(1,2), Yunhan Luo(1,2), Yi Xiao(1,2), Jieyuan Tang(1,2), Huiui Lu(1,2), Jun Zhang(1,2), Zhe Chen(1,2) ; (1) Jinan University,China; (2) Guangdong Higher Education Institutes, China

TuP12 Simulation of Photon-Photon Resonance Enhanced Direct Modulation Bandwidth of DFB Lasers ; M. Dumitrescu (1), T. Uusitalo (1), H. Virtanen (1), A. Laakso (2), P. Bardella (3), I. Montrosset (3) ; (1) Tampere University of Technology, Finland; (2) Brighterwave Inc., Finland; (3) Politecnico di Torino, Italy

TuP13 The study of plasmonic elliptical dimer nanoantennas with different geometry ; Yaw-Dong Wu,Tien-Tsorng Shih, Li-Hsiang Wang ; National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences,Taiwan

TuP14 Improvement of Light Extraction Efficiency of GaN-based Flip-chip LEDs by a Double-sided Spherical Cap-shaped Patterned Sapphire Substrate ; Zhen Che,Jun Zhang,Xinyu Yu,Mengyuan Xie,Jianhui Yu,Huihui Lu,Yunhan Luo,Heyuan Guan,Zhe Chen ; Jinan University, China

TuP15 Simulation studies of DFB Laser Longitudinal Structures for Narrow Linewidth Emission ; Heikki Virtanen, Topi Uusitalo, Mihail Dumitrescu ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

TuP16 (no show) Analysis of Temperature Distribution Characteristics from an Improved IGBT Power Cycling Test; Haoyang Cui, Kaiyun Pi ; Shanghai University of Electric Power, China

TuP18 (no show) Young’s modulus measurement using fibre-coupled self-mixing laser diode ; Ke Lin, Yanguang Yu, Jiangtao Xi, Qinghua Guo, Jun Tong, and Huijun Li ; University of Wollongong, Australia

TuP19 (withdrawn) Low-temperature modeling of the quantum effect photodetectors ; W. W. Wang, F. M. Guo ; East China Normal University, China

TuP21 Characterization of GaN-based Quantum Dots within Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers for realizing Green Lasers by Simulations ; Mohammed Nadir ; Tampere University of Technology, Finland

TuP23 Location specific PV yield and loss simulation based on module stack and layout ; Andrew Thomson, Marco Ernst, Ingrid Haedrich ; Australian National University, Australia

TuP24 Improved diffusion-equation finite difference schema in numerical solution of the nonlinear Poisson equation ; A. Jozwikowska (1) and K. Jozwikowski (2) ; (1) Warsaw University of Life Science SGGW, Poland ; (2) Military University of Technology, Poland

TuP25 Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Sensors: Fiber Bragg Grating and Noise ; G. Wild (1), S. Richardson (2), and S. Hinckley (2) ; (1) RMIT University, Australia; (2) Edith Cowan University, Australia

TuP27 Theoretical Analysis for Conversion Efficiency of Laser Generation of Acoustic Waves in Liquid ; Qiushi Li (2,4), Xiaomeng Zhao (1), Shaoliang Fang (1), Funian Liang (2), Zhe Chen (3) ; (1) Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, China; (2) Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing, China; (3) Jinan University,China; (4) Guangzhou Military Area Command, China

TuP28 Modeling of Light-Emitting Diode with Nonuniform Current Injection ; Yohei Nishidate (1), Julia Kholopova (2), Anatoly Kovalchuk (2), Bogdan Shevchenko (3), Irina Khmyrova (1), and Sergei Shapoval (2) ; (1) University of Aizu, Japan; (2) IMT RAS, Russia; (3) LETI, Russia

TuP29 Numerical simulation study of graphene silicon solar cell with boron diffusion layer ; Yawei Kuang, Yushen Liu, Xifeng Yang, Debao Zhang, Yulong Ma, Xuekun Hong, Zhenguang Shao, Jinfu Feng ; Changshu Institute of Technology, China

TuP30 Optimization of the Gain Curve of the InGaN Blue Light Laser Diode ; Yen-Chang Chen, Te-Jen Kung, and Yuh-Renn Wu ; National Taiwan University, Taiwan

TuP31 Highly efficient broadband waveguide based adiabatic polarization converter with apodization ; Pragati Aashna and K. Thyagarajan ; Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

TuP32 (formerly WB2) Numerical Optimization of All-Optical Switching ; S. Pickartz, U. Bandelow, Sh. Amiranashvili, M. Kantner ; WIAS Berlin, Germany (BEST POSTER PAPER)

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-10:00 Solar Cells (Session Chair: Yuh-Renn Wu, National Taiwan University)

WA1 Optical and electrical modelling for high efficiency perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells ; Kylie Catchpole ; Australian National University, Australia (invited)

WA2 Modeling of light soaking effect in CdTe Solar Cells ; Da Guo, Dragica Vasileska ; Arizona State University, USA (Top 10 Preview)

WA3 Analytic approximations for solar cell open circuit voltage, short circuit current and fill factor ; M. Auf der Maur, A. Di Carlo ; University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

WA4 Modelling of slow transient processes in organo-metal halide perovskites ; Daniel Jacobs, Xiao Fu, Klaus Weber, Kylie Catchpole, and Thomas White ; Australian National University, Australia

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:00 Photonics (Session Chair: Paolo Bardella, Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

WB1 Numerical modelling of frequency comb generation in nonlinear resonators ; Miro Erkintalo (1), Francois Leo (1), Tobias Hansson (2,3), Karen E. Webb (1), Stuart G. Murdoch (1), Jessienta Anthony (1), Iolanda Ricciardi (4), Maurizio De Rosa (4), Stefan Wabnitz (3,4), and Stepane Coen (1) ; (1) University of Auckland, New Zealand; (2) Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; (3) Universita di Brescia, Italy; (4) CNR-INO, Italy (invited)

WB2 (moved to TuP32) Numerical Optimization of All-Optical Switching ; S. Pickartz, U. Bandelow, Sh. Amiranashvili, M. Kantner ; WIAS Berlin, Germany

WB3 An Efficient Wide-Angle Beam Propagation Method Using Denman-Beavers Iterative Scheme for Tilted Optical Waveguides ; Shengbao Wu and Jinbiao Xiao ; Southeast University, China

WB4 Optimization of Polished Angle for Optical coupler based on Side-Polished Photonic Crystal Fiber ; Zhijian Gan,Yue Ma, Zhe Chen, Yunhan Luo, Xiaoli He, Heyuan Guan, Huihui Lu, Jianhui Yu, Jieyuan Tang, Jun Zhang ; Jinan University, China

WB5 Multi-Grating Sections of Dielectric Waveguides ; Nai-Hsiang Sun (1), Ming-Yu Tsai (1), Tsum-Yen He (1), Jung-Sheng Chiang (1), Gary A. Evans (2) and Jerome K. Butler (2) ; (1) I-Shou University, Taiwan, (2) Southern Methodist University, USA

12:00-22:00 Lunch, Excursion & Dinner

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Registration Desk opens 8:00

8:30-9:40 Numerical Methods (Session Chair: Thomas Koprucki, Weierstrass Institute Berlin, Germany)

ThA1 Discontinuous Galerkin Methods in Nano-Photonics ; Kurt Busch (1,2) ; (1) Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany; (2) Max-Born-Institute Berlin, Germany (invited)

ThA2 The numerical method for solving the transport equations in HgCdTe heterostructures using the non-equilibrium distribution functions ; K. Józwikowski (1), A. Józwikowska (2) and M. Nietopiel (1); (1) Military University of Technology, Poland; (2) Warsaw University of Life Science, Poland

ThA3 Analysis of a Metal Disc-Type Terahertz Surface Wave Splitter Using the Cylindrical LOD-FDTD Method ; Jun Shibayama, Masato Itoh, Junji Yamauchi, and Hisamatsu Nakano ; Hosei University, Japan

9:40-10:10 Coffee Break

10:10-12:00 Laser Diodes II (Session Chair: Mihail Dumitrescu, Tampere University, Finland)

ThB1 Terahertz Frequency Quantum Cascade Lasers: Optical Feedback Effects and Applications ; Aleksandar D. Rakic (1), Gary Agnew (1), Xiaoqiong Qi (1), Thomas Taimre (2,1) Yah Leng Lim (1), Karl Bertling (1), She Han (1), Stephen J. Wilson (1), Andrew Grier(3), Iman Kundu (3), Lianhe Li (3), Alexander Valavanis (3), Paul Dean (3), Zoran Ikonic (3), Jonathan Cooper (3), Suraj P. Khanna (3), Mohammad Lachab (3), Edmund H. Linfield (3), A. Giles Davies (3), Paul Harrison (4), and Dragan Indjin (3) ; (1) University of Queensland, Australia; (2) University of Queensland, Australia; (3) University of Leeds, UK; (4) Sheffield Hallam University, UK (invited)

ThB2 Comparative analysis of efficiency limitations in GaN-based blue laser diodes ; Joachim Piprek ; NUSOD Institute, United States (Top 10 Preview)

ThB3 Numerical Investigation on the Negative Characteristic Temperature of InGaN Blue Laser Diodes ; Han-Youl Ryu ; Inha University, Korea

ThB4 GaAs-based dilute bismide semiconductor lasers: theory vs. experiment ; Christopher A. Broderick (1), Judy M. Rorison (1), Igor P. Marko (2), Stephen J. Sweeney (2) and Eoin P. O'Reilly (3,4) ; (1) University of Bristol, UK; (2) University of Surrey, UK; (3) Tyndall National Institute, Ireland; (4) University College Cork, Ireland (Top 10 Preview)

ThB5 Simulation of Carrier and Power Losses in Semiconductor Disk Lasers ; A. K. Sokol and R. P. Sarzala ; Lodz University of Technology, Poland

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break (individual)

13:30-15:20 Nanostructures (Session Chair: Oliver Marquardt, Paul Drude Institute, Germany)

ThC1 Nanowire lasers and solar cells ; C. Jagadish ; Australian National University, Australia (invited)

ThC2 On Current Injection Into Single Quantum Dots Through Oxide-Confined PN-Diodes ; M. Kantner (1), U. Bandelow (1), Th. Koprucki (1), J.-H. Schulze (2), A. Strittmatter (2), H.-J. Wünsche (1) ; (1) WIAS Berlin, Germany; (2) TU Berlin, Germany

ThC3 Efficient Modeling of Coulomb Interaction Effect on Exciton in Crystal-Phase Nanowire Quantum Dot ; Masoomeh Taherkhani, Niels Gregersen, Jesper Mork, Dara McCutcheon, Morten Willatzen ; Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

ThC4 Modeling and simulation of injection dynamics for quantum dot based single-photon sources ; Markus Kantner, Uwe Bandelow, Thomas Koprucki and H.-J. Wuensche ; WIAS Berlin, Germany

ThC5 Absorption in and scattering from single horizontal Au-contacted InAs/InP heterostructure nanowires ; Steven Limpert (1), Nicklas Anttu (2), Stephen Bremner (1), Gavin Conibeer (1), and Heiner Linke (2) ; (1) University of New South Wales, Australia; (2) Lund University, Sweden

15:20-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-16:30 Post-Deadline Session (Session Chair: Joachim Piprek, NUSOD Institute, United States)

ThPD1 Modeling and Analysis of GaAs Solar Cells for Conversion Efficiency Improvement by Reducing Reflection Losses; Devanandh Chandrasekar (1) and Narottam Das (1, 2); (1) University of Southern Queensland, Australia; (2) Curtin University, Australia

ThPD2 A Design of Plasmonic Modulator Based on Vanadium Dioxide; Miao Sun, Stuart Earl, William Shieh and Ranjith Rajasekharan Unnithan; University of Melbourne, Australia

ThPD3 Exact numerical modelling for finite samples of discrete metamaterials; Mikhail Lapine; University of Technology Sydney, Australia

16:30-16:40 Closing Remarks and Presentation of NUSOD 2017

Friday, 15 July 2016

08:30-12:00 Crosslight Tutorial on Optoelectronic Devices

08:30-12:00 COMSOL Tutorial on Optomechanics

13:00-16:30 Synopsys RSoft Tutorial on Mixed-Level Optics


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