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NUSOD 2017 with record attendance
by Joachim Piprek (Tue, 01 Aug 2017)

A record number of 128 papers were presented last week at the NUSOD 2017 conference,  stimulating many valuable discussions. Summaries of all presentations are now available online. Poster prizes were awarded to papers MP01, MP25, and MP28. The rump session focused on improved publication methods as recently announced on this blog. I would like to […]

NUSOD 2017 Preview Rump Session: Words cannot express…! Research results are more than just plain text.
by Thomas Koprucki (Sat, 22 Jul 2017)

Whenever you try to answer a research question by using numerical simulation, you start by developing a (or reusing an already developed) mathematical model. Thereafter, you are developing (or reusing already developed) software to perform your numerical simulation. This produces data that you are now analysing and visualising to interpret the discovered results. Finally, you might […]

NUSOD 2017 Preview: Comparison of Consistent Flux Discretizations for Drift Diffusion beyond Boltzmann Statistics
by Thomas Koprucki (Fri, 07 Jul 2017)

In semiconductor device simulations, one often uses the so-called Boltzmann approximation (an exponential) to link Fermi energy levels to the densities of charge carriers. This corresponds to the classical Einstein relation between diffusion and mobility. However, in organic semiconductors, highly doped regions or at cryogenic temperatures the electron-hole plasma becomes degenerate and Fermi-Dirac statistics can no longer be neglected. The […]

NUSOD 2017 Preview: Simulation of quantum dot devices by coupling of quantum master equations and semi-classical transport theory
by Markus Kantner (Mon, 03 Jul 2017)

Quantum optics is on the leap from the lab to real world applications. The design of novel devices based on semiconductor quantum dots asks for simulation approaches, which combine classical device physics with quantum mechanics. We connect the well-established fields of classical semiconductor transport theory and theory of open quantum systems to meet this requirement. […]

NUSOD 2017 Preview: Strain tuning of absorption spectrum in a topological insulator
by Mathias Rosdahl Jensen (Thu, 22 Jun 2017)

Topological insulators have attracted a huge amount of attention in the field of condensed matter physics. This new state of matter is characterized by a bulk band gap and conducting surface states. The surface states have linear dispersion resembling relativistic Dirac fermions, in analogy with graphene. In contrast to graphene the 2D fermions on the […]


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