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Photonic Devices & Circuits

( - free software available)
2D-Waveguide (U of Regensburg) - plane-wave expansion incl. gain/loss
  Apollo Photonics Inc. - photonic integrated circuits & devices
CAMFR (Gent Univ.) - vectorial Maxwell solver
  CST - tools for optical devices, plasmonics, and nanophotonics
EM Explorer - 3D-FDTD solver for planewave scattering problems
EMFLex (Weidlinger Inc.) - time domain finite element Maxwell solver
EM Photonics Inc. - electromagnetics simulation in MATLAB
IPKISS (Luceda Photonics) - photonic integrated circuit design framework
JCMsuite (JCMwave) - frequency domain finite element Maxwell solver
LIGHTS (U Dayton) - online optical simulation software
Lumerical Solutions Inc. - FDTD & optical mode solver
MEEP (MIT) free FDTD software for Unix
MIT Photonic Bands (MIT) Photonic crystal band structure
MOF (University of Sydney) - photonic crystal fibers
OFC-SystemSoft - Optical Fiber Communication Systems software
openEMS (U Duisburg) fully graded 3D Cartesian and cylindrical FDTD solver
Optiwave Inc. - various tools for integrated and fiber optics
PhoeniX Software - various photonic device simulation tools
Photon Design Inc. - various photonic design tools
  PHOTOSS - photonic devices and comunication systems
RODIS (Gent Univ.) - rigorous coupled-wave analysis
  RP Photonics Consulting GmbH - laser and photonics design codes
SiIO (U Twente) various tools for integrated optics
  Simphotek - time-dependent light - mater interactions
  Synopsys - former RSOFT tools
  VPIphotonics - photonic circuits and fiber communication systems
WAVEGUIDE (Southern Methodist Univ.) - mode solver
WOLFSIM (NCSU) wideband FDTD for periodic structures in anisotropic media
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