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Optoelectronic Devices

  ( - free software available)
AMPS-1D - 1D analysis of microelectronic and photonic structures
AmpSoft (Univ. of Limerick) - semiconductor optical amplifiers
  Crosslight Software - 2D/3D simulation tools
  Lumerical - silicon-based devices and photonic circuits
  OptiSPICE - optoelectronic circuit simulator
  Photon Design - various tools for passive and active devices
  SETFOS (Fluxim AG) - organic LEDs and thin-film photovoltaics
  Silvaco International Inc. - various TCAD codes
SimWindows (Univ. of Colorado) - 1D solar cells, VCSELs
  Synopsys Inc. - various TCAD tools
  TeSCA (WIAS) - laser diodes, detectors, transistors
TiberCAD - multiscale device simulator
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