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Scientific Program

Wednesday, 25 Sep. 2002
Welcome Note
Session 1: Fabry-Perot Lasers I

( Session Chair: B. Schmidt )

B. Witzigmann and M. S. Hybertsen: Microscopic Simulation of the Temperature Dependence of Static and Dynamic Properties in MQW Lasers (invited paper)

J. Li and C. Z. Ning: Microscopic Foundation and Simulation of Coupled Carrier-Temperature Diffusion Equations in Semiconductor Lasers (invited paper)

S. Sujecki, L. Borruel, J. Wykes, G. Erbert, I. Esquivias, P. Sewell, T. M. Benson, P. Moreno, H. Wenzel, B. Sumpf, and E. C. Larkins: Nonlinear Photon-Carrier Interactions in High Power 735nm Tapered Laser Diodes

J. Arias, L. Borruel, B. Romero, I. Esquivias, J. P. Hirtz, J. Nagle, and P. Collot: One-Dimensional Simulation of High Power Laser Diode Structures
Coffee Break
Session 2: Fabry-Perot Lasers II

( Session Chair: B. Witzigmann )

B. Schmidt, N. Lichtenstein, A. Fily, N. Matuschek, R. Badii, C. Hermens, T. Pliska, B. Sverdlov, J. Müller, S. Pawlik, C. Harder: Advances in Design and Modeling of Pump Laser Diodes (invited paper)

J. Piprek, J. K. White, and A. J. SpringThorpe: Output Power Limitations in Long-Wavelength Laser Diodes

U. Bandelow: Towards a Quasi-3D Simulation of Modulation Properties of Edge-Emitting Strained MQW Lasers
Lunch at ETH Canteen
Session 3: Photonic Devices

( Session Chair: C.-Z. Ning )

M. Wiedenhaus, A. Ahland, D. Schulz, E. Voges, and B. Stegmüller: Strategies for the Modelling of MQW-Electroabsorption Modulators (invited paper)

D. Eisert and V. Harle: Simulations in the Development Process of GaN-based LEDs and Laser Diodes (invited paper)

G. L. Tan: A New Semiconductor Optoelectronic Device Simulator and its Applications for Variable Optical Attenuators
Coffee Break + Poster Session
Session 4: DFB/DBR Lasers

( Session Chair: H. J. Wünsche )

G. Morthier: Modelling for the Optimisation of Widely Tunable Edge-Emitting Laser Diodes (invited talk)

L. Schneider, A. Witzig, M. Streiff, A. Bregy, B. Schmidt and W. Fichtner: 2D Simulation of a Buried-Heterostructure Tunable Twin-Guide DFB Laser Diode

M. Radziunas and H. J. Wünsche: LDSL: A Tool for Simulation and Analysis of Longitudinal Dynamics in Multisection Semiconductor Lasers

Thursday, 26 Sep. 2002
Session 5: VCSEL I

( Session Chair: P. Debernardi )

W.-C. Ng, Y. Liu and K. Hess: Time-Dependent and Self-Consistent Electronic-Thermal-Optical Simulation of VCSEL's (invited paper)

M. Streiff, A. Witzig, M. Pfeiffer, L. Schneider, and W. Fichtner: Comprehensive VCSEL Device Simulation

M. Jungo, D. Erni and W. Bächtold: Investigation of Spatial Filtering Influence on Relative Intensity Noise Using a Fast Dynamic VCSEL Model
Coffee Break + Poster Session 
Session 6: VCSEL II

( Session Chair: K. Hess )

P. Debernardi: Coupled Mode Theory: a Powerful Tool for the Vectorial Fields of Complex VCSEL's (invited paper)

C. Prott, F. Römer, E. Ataro, J. Daleiden, S. Irmer, M. Strassner, A. Tarraf, and H. Hillmer: Model Calculations of Vertical Cavity Air-Gap Filters and VCSEL's for Ultra-Wide Continuous Tuning

J. Mulet and S. Balle: Optical Modelling of the Large-Signal Dynamics in VCSELs: Full Spatio-Temporal Versus Modal Expansion Descriptions
Sandwich Lunch + Software Exhibition
Company Presentations

( Session Chair: J. Piprek )




Photon Design

Coffee Break + Poster Session
Session 7: Late-News Contributions

( Session Chair: G. Morthier )

H. Wenzel: Green's Function Based Simulation of the Optical Spectrum of Multi-section Lasers

M. F. Pereira, S. -C. Lee and A. Wacker: Nonequilibrium Theory for Absorption and Gain in Quantum Cascade Lasers

B. Rushtaller, T. Beierlein, H. Riel, S. Karg, W. Riess and J. C. Scott: Numerical Simulation of Electronic and Optical Processes in Multilayer Organic Light-emitting Diodes

A. Witzig, M. Streiff, F. Romer, C. Prott, H. Hilmer and W. Fichtner: Optical Eigenmodes in VCSEL Structures: Spectral Portrait and Convergence Behavior
Conference Dinner.
Dinner Speech: Christoph Harder, Director Technology and Device Development, Nortel Networks Optical Components (Switzerland) AG

Friday, 27 Sep. 2002
Session 8: Quantum-Wells and Dots

( Session Chair: J. Mørk )

S. W. Koch, J. Hader, and J. V. Moloney: Microscopic Modelling of Gain and Luminescence in Semiconductors (invited paper)

O. Hess: Mesoscopic Theory and Simulation of Quantum Dot Lasers (invited paper)

H.-C. Kaiser: Transversal Modeling and Simulation of Edge-Emitting Semiconductor Lasers (invited paper)

M. Luisier, M. Pfeiffer, and W. Fichtner: Advanced Laser Simulation using the DESSIS Physical Model Interface
Coffee Break
Session 9: Nitride-based Material Systems

( Session Chair: S. Koch )

F. Bernardini and V. Fiorentini: Theoretical Investigation and Modeling of Spontaneous and Piezoelectric Polarization in III-V Nitride Alloys (invited paper)

C. G. Van de Walle: Materials and Device Design of Nitride-Based Blue Lasers (invited paper)

M. Nadir: Effects of Intraband Relaxation Time in GaInNAs-Based Quantum-Well Lasers
Sandwich Lunch + Poster Session
Session 10: Dynamical Properties

( Session Chair: M. Wiedenhaus )

J. Mørk, S. Bischoff, T. W. Berg, and M. L. Nielsen: Ultrafast Optical Signal Processing in Semiconductor Optical Devices (invited paper)

H-J. Wünsche: Self-pulsations of Multisection DFB Lasers: Theory - Control - Application (invited paper)

G. Slavcheva, J. M. Arnold and R. W. Ziolkowski: 2D-dynamical Model of Ultrashort Pulses Lossless Propagation Through a Degenerate Three-Level System in Nonlinear Optical Waveguides and Semiconductor Microcavities
Panel Discussion. Location: GEP-Pavillon.
Drinks and Snacks.

Poster Session
H. V. Baghdasaryan, T. M. Knyazyan, S. G. Dashyan, and A. A. Mankulov: Correct Modelling of Optical Properties of 1D Wavelength-Scale VCSEL Type Structures via the Method of Single Expression
J. P. da Silva and H. E. Hernandez-Figueroa: Vector FE-BPM Applied to the Analysis of Polarization-Holding Optical Fiber
S. Ghoniemy, L. MacEachern, and S. Mahmoud: Robust Semiconductor Laser Modeling for Analog Optical Link Simulations
G. Guerrero, D. L. Boiko, C.-A. Berseth, and E. Kapon: Modeling of Electro-Thermal Characteristics of Phase-Locked Arrays of VCSELs
L. N. Illyashenko, A. I. Nosich, and T. Benson: Integral Equation Analysis of a Polygonal Semiconductor Microcavity
J. S. Laird, T. Hirao, S. Onoda, H. Mori, and H. Itoh: TCAD Simulation of Trap Induced Space Charge Effects in InGaAs Based Photodiodes
A. I. Nosich: Lasing Effect from the Viewpoint of Mathematical Theory of Eigenvalue Problems for Dielectric Open Resonators
N. Somasiri, B. M. A. Rahman, and S. S. A. Obayya: Design of a Compact Passive Polarization Rotator
J. M. Ulloa, J. L. Sanches-Rojas, A. Hierro, and J. M. G. Tijero: Effect of Nitrogen on the Band-Structure and Material Gain of InGaAsN/GaAs Quantum Wells
C. O'Brian, W.-H. Seo, S. A. Lynch, and J. F. Donegan: Temperature Dependence of Self-Sustained Pulsation in Al 0.14Ga0.86As Laser Diodes